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Our Little Locksmith

A Tasslehoff Burrfoot Community

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A Community Dedicated to Tasslehoff Burrfoot from Dragonlance
This community started when I was searching for a Tas community, and didn't find one. I thought this very sad, as Tas is one of the most lovable characters in the Dragonlance Saga.

So, if you love the kender...locksmith, this community is for you.

What's Loved:
1. Tas, but we all know that.
2. Anything to do with Tas. Namely: Fanfics, Fanart, rabid fan squeeling, whooshing, borrowing, hoopak swinging, giggling, etc, etc.
3. Other Dragonlance informatives, though try to refrain from one specific character, other than Tas of course.
4. Tasslehoff.

What is Disagreeable:
1. Anyone who doesn't like Tas. We can't understand why you don't, but please don't come here. We have rabid fans, and we know how to use them.
2. Flamers or Trolls. We also have an angry moderator who will report you.
3. Anyone laden with possesions that cannot be replaced. We're very sorry about that ring, we were only curious.
4. Though I don't approve every post, I do read every one, so please follow the rules, I will notice.

So, love Tas, love him some more, and squeeze the living daylights out of the little guy. Have fun!

~The Mod

Questions? Concerns? Need someone to tell about that dream you had? Lost a precious heirloom you think I might have? Contact me with the email above.

**Currently looking for two maintainters, see journal for application**